In order for our nonprofit to do the work associated with examining the historical lynching activities that happened on Howard County soil, we first did an examination of what easily-accessible history existed from which we could draw. As highlighted on our website, we are committed to “Truth FIRST, then Reconciliation.”  This is more than just a slogan for us. HCLTR cannot advance its mission with integrity until having done a deep dive into the local culture that not only tolerated – but also facilitated – lynching hysteria and activity. Having found inadequate fact-based research about local county Black history for the time period before 1930, we decided we had to create it.

We have TWO main vehicles for pushing out content we generate regarding local Howard County Black history: a Facebook page, and a subdomain of our website. Links to access both are below. Note: additional researched stories are being compiled in order to create a publication. Stay tuned!

The Facebook page called “Howard County Maryland Black History” can be accessed from this link:

To the Facebook page

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The other research HCLTR initiated in late summer of 2021 is the Ellicott City Black History Roundtable initiative. Ellicott City was selected because it was (and still is) the county seat of Howard County. Additionally, many of the lynching activities occurred within the borders of Ellicott City. We launched the initiative by examining data from the 1860 census of Ellicott’s Mills, and then proceeded to create and facilitate a research lab in order to ascertain and compile the accurate history surrounding an Ellicott City landmark (Thomas Isaac’s Log Cabin). Our subdomain can be accessed by this link:

To our Truth lab research