We’re Always Seeking Allies!!

“Being an ally is not a feeling, it is action.” Danielle Ishem

We at HCLTR are excited about our work and what it means to Howard County! Hope you’ve been excited about our work!

Were you interested to learn that an African American community lived and thrived in Ellicott City before the Civil War? Were you surprised to learn that Hezekiah Brown, a teacher and later principal at the Ellicott City Colored School, and a Black man, holds the distinction of having been the first in Howard County to integrate schools by allowing the son of a white woman to attend his school in 1884? 

Do you read our newsletters? How about our social media posts? Do you “like” or comment on them? Have you attended any of our events? Have you shared with at least one other person something that you learned from HCLTR’s research about pre 1930 Black history in Howard County? Donated to our 501(c)(3)? Volunteered?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are an ally of HCLTR, and we appreciate you! 

To achieve HCLTR’s mission, we need allies – LOTS of them- to do our work for the community! 

We need the help of our allies! Share our newsletters, “like” and comment on our social media posts, talk with your friends, colleagues, and family about the findings and stories that interest you. And please donate to help us continue doing this important work!

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