A few resources about lynching that are specific to Maryland:

The listings of Maryland lynchings:

List from Equal Justice Initiative

Baltimore Sun‘s graphical depiction

Maryland Archives compilation


Maryland entities and groups looking into lynching:

PUBLIC: The Maryland Lynching Truth & Reconciliation Commission

PRIVATE: Maryland Lynching Memorial Project (a 501c(3))

Many of the counties where a lynching took place, have THEIR OWN efforts, and can also be consulted. This website represents Howard County’s.

General Info on Lynching

Movies/Documentaries about lynching:


(a great 33 minute documentary available to stream online via your Howard County public library card and the Kanopy service. For more info on accessing Kanopy, go to the library website by clicking below:)

A well-done 2004 documentary that discusses many of the relevant issues:

Another great video of an artist, Winfred Rembert, who survived a lynching attempt done to him. (See link below if video does not play)

Surviving a Lynching.

Resources about the importance of looking into this, even in the year 2020:

NPR interview with Sherilyn Ifill

Reading Sherrilyn Ifill’s book, On The Courthouse Lawn: Confronting the Legacy of Lynching In the Twenty-first Century:

Buying A Copy From Amazon

Borrowing in Howard County: *UPDATED HCLTR donated 12 copies of the book to the HCPL system. Unfortunately, the Howard County Public Library system does not own any copies of the book. Our group is working to make copies available for Howard Countians to read. A few of us have purchased copies, and will be placing them into various free community libraries in the hopes that the knowledge will be circulated to the community. Stay Tuned!!